6 Best Tips Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

6 Best Tips Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

Now that summer has arrived, the temperature is rising daily. Most homes now have an air conditioner to help keep up the scorching heat of the summer months. It aids in maintaining a cool, cozy temperature in the space. Your air conditioner needs maintenance checks before the hot season arrives. It may also require AC repair in Woods Cross, UT, to work efficiently throughout the season.

Tips to Prepare Your AC for Summers

To ensure that your AC remains in good condition, consider the following tips to prepare your air conditioner for summer.

Clean the Filter

Cleaning the filter is one of the best and most basic methods to keep your air conditioner operating at peak performance. The system will have to work harder if the filter is blocked, which can increase energy expenditures and reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner. 

Cleaning your filter enhances indoor air quality by eradicating bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Cleanings should be performed every one to 3 months, depending on how frequently your air conditioner is used.

Examine Any Water Leaks

Leaking water is a common sign of an air conditioner breakdown. Condensation that forms around your air conditioner vents during the humid months of the year might result in annoying water stains.

When using your air conditioner, it’s best to ensure all of the windows and doors are properly closed (even any that aren’t being used) and to set the thermostat to a comfortable setting, such as the suggested 24°C. Cleaning the filters and coils is also beneficial with sufficient roof ventilation.

If the water leak keeps happening, you must talk to a specialist in air conditioning services in Woods Cross, UT. They can offer a suggestion on how to fix the leak and assist in determining its cause.

Utilize Ceiling Fans in Addition to the AC

An efficient technique to conserve energy and keep your space cool is to pair ceiling fans with air conditioners. The ceiling fan will circulate and distribute the air across the room if you turn on the AC and fan.

As a result, the air is cooled more quickly; your air conditioner uses less energy, and its lifespan increases.

Mode and Temperature Changes

Switching your air conditioner to cooling mode might seem apparent before summer arrives, but it’s worth double-checking. To prepare for the heat, ensure your thermostat is in a cool setting rather than the heat mode. Additionally, it will lower your electricity costs.

Keep the temperature in the summer between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius. Considerations include:

  • The number of people residing in your home.
  • The quantity of direct sunlight.
  • Your current state of health.
  • Schedule an HVAC service 

While there are considerable things you can do on your own to get your air conditioner ready for summer, for complete peace of mind, hiring a professional HVAC or air conditioning service in Woods Cross, UT, is important.

Depending on how frequently you utilize it and the manufacturer, we typically advise having your air conditioner serviced once a year. 

For an air conditioning installation in Woods Cross, UT, service will strip down the air conditioning unit, clean or replace the filter, analyze the coils, check airflow, monitor gas levels, and verify the heating and cooling systems are operating best.

Final Reflections

The average lifespan of a modern air conditioner is between 10 and 15 years, but if you don’t take care of it and perform regular maintenance, it will begin to break down sooner. Once it does, your AC won’t operate effectively, and the costly repairs will become unpleasant. If you adhere to the advice above, your air conditioner should last long and withstand hot summers.

If you wish better to maintain your air conditioner with the help of professionals, contact BLR Heating and Air. They are the best service providers for AC repair in Woods Cross, UT, and all other maintenance services.