A Short Guide To Air Conditioner Servicing

A Short Guide To Air Conditioner Servicing

A common recommendation that almost every homeowner receives upon installing an AC involves investing in frequent AC servicing. According to AC companies, the only way to ensure the long life of an AC unit is to service it regularly.

Therefore, it is only natural for a homeowner to question why this service is so important and what it entails.

What is an AC Service?

A typical AC service involves two aspects. Firstly, the inspection and then the servicing or repairing. The duration of an AC service usually ranges between half an hour to 45 minutes.

However, in some cases, it may extend to more than that, depending on how many repairs are needed. This is the case in every region, including Woods Cross, UT.

Inspection during an AC Service

The inspection process is carried out to determine what parts of the AC require repairing and the degree of damage that is present. Usually, a technician offering air conditioner servicing in Woods Cross, UT, checks the following components:

  • Condenser filters: A condenser carries out releasing the heat removed from the home into the surrounding. These components tend to get blocked easily, requiring a cleaning.


  • Compressor components: Compressors are probably the most expensive components in the system. It also acts as the engine of the unit and is present in the outside unit. The technician will check the electrical connections and the mechanical condition to ensure that everything works fine.


  • Capacitors: These components are known to function as the starter motor for the compressor. It starts to function when the external temperature increases beyond the desired temperature.


  • Filter dryer: The gas in the unit is also meant to be clean and dry for more efficient performance. This is possible because of the filter dryers. These dryers can get blocked at times.


  • Gas Pressure: The pressure of the gas can significantly affect the system and should be monitored periodically.

Finally, the technician checks the last component involving all the electrical connections and wiring present in the unit.

The indoor portion of the system requires the most repairs and minor replacements. It is known as the Evaporator and has a network of ducts coming out of it. The components that require servicing include:

  • Fan motors: Fans are prone to gathering a layer of dust and can bend at times. This results in the unit making noise while functioning and will require fixing.


  • Air filters: These filters either require replacement or cleaning to ensure optimum airflow. Evaporator trays: These trays can collect leaking refrigerant and dirt. While servicing, this tray will receive a power washing.


  • Air vents: These regions will require cleaning as dust can accumulate. Technicians brush the surface of these vents.


  • Temperature check: Devices like laser temperature gauges can determine the temperature of air coming out.

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