Choosing The Most Energy-Efficient Heating System For a Home

Choosing The Most Energy-Efficient Heating System For a Home

During winter, home heating is necessary even if the temperature does not fall below freezing in your area. Running the heating system will provide you with the comfort you expect, but there is one thing that will be a big concern, the heating bills. 

The heating system can consume almost half of your monthly energy bills, which makes energy efficiency a necessary goal for those who want to reduce these bills, save money and avoid unnecessary heating repairs in near me 

Why Choose High Energy Efficiency?

The main reason you should go for a high-energy efficient heating system for your home is to save money. It will cost you less than a system with low energy efficiency by cutting your heating bills by up to 60%. 

Even though a highly efficient system is more expensive at the outset, eventually, it will save you a significant amount of money in the long run, saving your system from needing costly HVAC service in near me. 

High Energy Efficient Heating Systems.

Keep reading, and you will learn about the highly efficient heating systems and which one to choose to keep your bills lower and save you money in the future.

Heat Pumps

If the heating system in your home runs on electricity instead of gas, a heat pump can be a good and cost-effective alternative to a furnace. According to experts, an electric heat pump can reduce your heating bills by half compared to an electric furnace. The specialty of a heat pump is that it can function as both a heater and an air conditioner. 

In summer, a heat pump captures heat from your home and transfers it outside, and in winter, it brings heat from outside your home and deposits it indoors to provide heating. A heat pump doesn’t always require ducts, which makes it a space-efficient option. The heat pump is a good choice if you live in a moderate climate area, but it can lose its efficiency in extreme winters.

Gas Furnaces

While choosing a gas furnace, always check its AFUE rating, as the higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the furnace is. Modern furnaces have achieved high efficiency due to many factors like sealed combustion chambers, secondary heat exchangers, and improved filtration systems. So if you are considering getting a new furnace, it is best to take professional help in deciding the right one for your home.


Regarding popularity, a boiler is a less popular type of heating system than a furnace and heat pump. A boiler works on the principle of producing hot water and then circulating it inside your home through pipes and radiators. Boilers are also rated by AFUE numbers, meaning that a boiler with AFUE ratings of more than 90% is highly efficient.


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