Steps You Should Take If You Have Any Of These Heating Issues

Steps You Should Take If You Have Any Of These Heating Issues

We rely on our furnaces to keep us warm and comfortable. However, what if the furnace system does not turn on? It might happen if you haven’t called the maintenance service and have not enrolled in HVAC upkeep plans. You may need to search for heating repair near me if you have a persistent issue.  Here are some common furnace issues and tips to resolve the problem. 

1. Expert Solutions That Will Work To Resolve The Following Furnace Problems

Loose Power Connection And Bolts

This might be due to loosened bolts in the system if you hear a strange humming or rattling sound from the furnace system. Slightly dust off the furnace system with the help of a brush and tighten the loosened bolts with a screwdriver.

The loosened electrical connection can be why you struggle to operate your heating system. Switch off the system and do the repair work cautiously if you have some prior knowledge of fixing electrical wires. Otherwise, look for HVAC service near me at the earliest.

Blank Screen On The Thermostat

Replace the batteries if there is a blank screen on the thermostat or reset the programmable thermostat. You need to take the help of the manual if the smart thermostat displays some warming messages.

Overheating Issue

The furnace system starts to overheat if it runs continuously for long hours. Switch the system off immediately if you find that the heating system is overheating. If you operate an overheated heating unit, it might shut down automatically due to safety triggers in the system.

Clean the furnace thoroughly and ensure all the air vents are open. Replace the air filter and call the technician for maintenance if the overheating persists.

Tripped Down Float Switch

All the condensing heating systems have a float switch linked to the thermostat. It is responsible for removing moisture from the heating system. However, it might trip down and switch off the thermostat. You need to call the technician to look after the situation, as increased humidity directly impacts the combustion process in the system.

Less Warmth In The Room

Replace the air filter if there is inadequate heat in your residence. You can also ensure nothing is blocking the air vents because restricted air vents can affect the comfort of your home and increase the utility bills.

Extinguished Pilot Light

The pilot light is extinguished if the chamber is dark. You can manually relight the pilot light, as the furnace system will not start if the pilot light is not glowing. However, experts suggest you be cautious while igniting the pilot light.

Moreover, if the pilot light extinguishes every time you light it up, search for HVAC service near me for inspection. It might be a sign of carbon monoxide buildup in the system.

2. Situations Where You Need A Technician's Assistance!

According to our HVAC services in Woods Cross, UT, calling and scheduling a repair service will be the best step if the heating system is displaying the following signs:

  • Strange sounds from the heating system, like popping, screeching, rattling, and humming. 
  • A massive hole or cut in the duct system.
  • Yellow or orange pilot light glowing in the furnace system. 
  • During your inspection, you can see cracks on the heat exchanger. 
  • Circuit breaks and trips down every time you switch it up.


Furnace problems are inevitable, but we can try to prevent them before they become major issues. According to the experts, annual maintenance service on time is the best way to prevent furnace repair issues!

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