Tips To Follow When Having A Home Furnace Installation Done

Tips To Follow When Having A Home Furnace Installation Done

You are here, it probably means your furnace has taken its last breath or abandoned you in the middle of an icy winter night. Well, whatever your situation is, a new furnace installation is the ultimate solution to every HVAC issue.

And as you have finally decided to tread the road of furnace replacement, we decided to light the path for you. So, here we present some major furnace installation tips to follow while having your new furnace installed.

Don’t Be Disregardful of the Size

The foremost step of a furnace installation is obviously getting a new furnace. And the most critical aspect of getting a new furnace is choosing the right size. When it comes to the furnace, size matters above all. Precision in size is a must because even a slight variation can cause considerable problems.

Moreover, people tend to buy furnaces on straight conjectures; however, that is extremely unmethodical. The best way to buy a furnace is to measure it up to your HVAC spot and get an exact match. Plus, never be in the wrong impression that a bulky furnace would amount to more power or efficiency. The size doesn’t matter in those criteria; therefore, ensure to match the size of your furnace to your installation area.

Be Watchful of Your Furnace’s Foundation

Furnaces could be massive, and so their placements should be thought of very precisely. Many HVAC technicians install the furnaces right into your floor. This could create problems as the furnace can seep right into the concrete and create irritable sounds. Therefore, if you see your technician installing a furnace without any base, ask them to put one.

The most appropriate base turns out to be rubber pads. If your furnace has to be installed in the basement, consider mounting it on bulky blocks of stone. These stones should keep your furnace at least 4 inches above the basement floor.

Moreover, if your furnace installation base is an attic, we suggest you place it over a draining pan. Placing a draining pan underneath your furnace can prevent major mishaps in case of furnace leaks.

Keep Your Eyes On the Air Duct Holes

Carving out the right hole during the furnace installation process is a must. There are a lot of hoses and wires to be connected, and going wrong is not an option here. Cutting an adequately sized hole becomes vital because one wrong cut can lead to various leaks and cracks in the pipeline system.

Sealing Is A Must

You may think that every element is fastened enough and does not really need a sealer. But as experienced HVAC technicians, we know just how important sealing is.

  • After everything is rightly hooked up, sealing your furnace connections reduces any chance of loose connections and short circuits.
  • Therefore, we suggest you institute these seals with proper sealant materials like metal tape and duct sealants.
  • Don’t use the duct tape.

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