Try These 8 Tips for Using Ceiling Fans Along with Your AC

Try These 8 Tips for Using Ceiling Fans Along with Your AC

Ceiling fans may appear outdated, but AC repair experts in Woods Cross, UT, agree that these mechanical devices may make a big difference in your home’s comfort and energy savings—but only if you use them correctly.

If you’re wondering whether it’s allowed to use your ceiling fan and air conditioner simultaneously, it is recommended by air conditioning service professionals in Woods Cross, UT.

Some Suggestions On Using Ceiling Fans With Your AC

Before looking for an HVAC service near me, read the information below, which will help you run an air conditioner and a ceiling fan simultaneously.

• The Exact Function Of The Ceiling Fans.

The air cannot be cooled by ceiling fans alone. Instead, it is their responsibility to maintain airflow. They provide a breeze by moving the cool air down to the area where you sit, sleep, and live by rotating anticlockwise.

• Using A Ceiling Fan To Complete Your Cooling Helps.

A ceiling fan disperses cooled air over the entire space, preventing it from condensing in one spot. As a result, you’ll use less energy because your air conditioner won’t have to run as long to cool every area. The air the fan also blows assists in easily evaporating sweat, which allows you to cool down naturally without turning on the air conditioner.

• Combine Air Conditioning And Ceiling Fans.

Our AC repair technicians in Woods Cross, UT, advise turning on the ceiling fan and increasing the thermostat setting by four degrees. This fan will spread cold air faster, minimizing the time your air conditioner must operate to chill your home. You’ll save money while maintaining comfort because of this.

• Place Fans In Strategic Locations.

You can shift the air in your home to disperse it more equally by using strategically placed fans to change the airflow. This change in air movement results in a warmer temperature. Use the ceiling fans to move the cold air from the floor up. Push cool air upward with a pedestal fan or table fan’s pivoting head. 

• Avoid Positioning Heat-Generating Devices.

Our AC repair professionals in Woods Cross, UT, suggest setting the thermostat higher in the summer will save electricity for homes with central air conditioning. The important thing is to keep the temperature inside as similar to the outdoor temperature as you can.

Avoid positioning heat-generating devices, such as TVs or lamps, close to the thermostat to avoid the air conditioning system activating too quickly. You may always contact your local specialist, B.L.R. Heating and Air by searching for air conditioner servicing near me.

• Shut Off Fans In Empty Spaces.

It’s a popular misconception that ceiling fans lower the room’s temperature. They may make you feel cooler, but all they do is move air. Therefore, there is no need for operating a ceiling fan in a room that is not occupied. If you’re the last person to leave the room, turn off the fan because it may only cost pennies on the dollar to run compared to air conditioners.

• Thermostat Adjustment.

To maximize the energy savings from using a ceiling fan in the summer, you should set the thermostat. You can also take help from our professionals conducting air conditioner service near me to calibrate the thermostat.

• Save By Using A Ceiling Fan.

Combining a ceiling fan and air conditioning will save energy and require fewer air conditioning services in Woods Cross, UT. Since air conditioners operate for roughly 6 hours daily during the hot season, you may save a lot per month.

Looking For An HVAC Service Near Me?

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