What are the Steps Involved in a Furnace Installation?

What are the Steps Involved in a Furnace Installation?

Here is the guide that every professional follows during furnace installation. Remember, furnace installation is a professional and risky task. So it is better to call the HVAC technicians for installation rather than doing it yourself! 

Safety Checks are Essential Before any Installation Process. 

The workforce will first carry out all the safety checks and follow every precaution before jumping to the installation process. It includes shutting off the electrical switches and fuel lines. 

  • It’s Time to Take Out the old Equipment.

 After all the safety checks, the professional will quickly and efficiently take out the old equipment from the area. 

  • New Equipment Goes in as the old System Comes Out! 

The next step is to be carried out with extreme caution and determination because the new system has to be fit in. All the duct lines and fuel lines have to be accurately connected by the technician’s team. There should be no margin of error during this step. 

  •  Sealing all the Connections

Now the new equipment is in its place, and it’s time to seal all the electrical and fuel line connections. Also, the ductwork lines are accurately covered so that no issues come up in the long run. 

  • The Final Step of the Process is Checking! 

The final step is to check the working and efficiency of the newly-installed furnace. Then, the professionals will check the system’s working and run all the safety tests to ensure everything is safe and sound. Finally, the technician team will clean up all the mess and tidy the whole area of the house. 

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