What should I do if my heater produces cold air?

What should I do if my heater produces cold air?

When you have been using your heater for a long time, problems tend to arise in its operations. One such problem is the problem of cold air coming out of your heater’s vent when you turn it on. If you are looking HVAC contractor for HVAC services, B.L.R Heating and Air are the right place.

The Reasons Why that can Occur are :

  1. Dirty filters: When the filters are dirty, they block the warm air’s path and as a result, what you get is a less efficient furnace. Check your filters regularly and call your HVAC professional if they need to be replaced. We offer HVAC service near me at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.
  2. There is a problem with your pilot light: If you own a gas furnace, cold air might result from the pilot light dying on your furnace. This could be due to technical issues in your HVAC system. Best if you call your technician for a long-term solution for this.
  3. Incorrect thermostat settings: If your thermostat fan setting is “ON,” it means that the furnace will throw out the air even when it is not generating heat. This can lead to cold air being thrown out. Just turn off the fan setting, and the furnace will throw out air only when it generates heated air.
  4. Faulty ductwork: If you experience cold air and everything is okay with your device, the fault might be in your ductwork. There might be a leakage or broken duct somewhere, which should be fixed as soon as possible.

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