8 Reasons Why Cold Air Is Coming From Your Vents When Your Heater Is On

8 Reasons Why Cold Air Is Coming From Your Vents When Your Heater Is On

Imagine coming home on a chilly cold day and turning on your heating system only to find out it’s blowing cold air. Scar!. Only the thought of this can make you shudder. So to ensure this does not happen with you in reality, it is prudent to schedule regular HVAC services Woods Cross. However, if your furnace system is blowing cold air even after routine upkeep, here are some reasons for it. 

  • Your Heater is not Warmed Yet.

That blast of chilly air can stir up a feeling of alarm, particularly if temperatures are going to fall later in the day. So if this is the only time you’re switching on your heating system for the season, make sure to wait for a few minutes. 

  • Your Thermostat is Set Inaccurately.

It’s easy to have the thermostat set inaccurately, particularly when the weathers change from summer to fall and you switch on the furnaces for the first time. Therefore, if you feel your furnace is blowing cold air, it is better to check the vents before calling experts for furnace repair Woods Cross UT

  • The Furnace air Filters are Dirty.

An overly obstructed air filter will restrict airflow to your heating system and could cause it to overheat and switch off. Then the furnace blowing frigid air is all you’re going to get!

  • Your Heater has Overheated.

When your heating system overheats, there’s a security mechanism that actually will shut your heater down. So not just will your furnace be blowing cold air.

  • The Condensate Line is Blocked.

A clog in the furnace condensate line will stop your heater from igniting. No ignition implies only cold air coming through your ducts. 

  • Pilot Light Issues

When your furnace gets old, the pilot light can begin malfunctioning. So when any issue arises, your furnace blows cold air. 

  • An Issue with the Gas Supply 

An issue with the gas supply is likewise a reason for cold air coming out from your vents.

  • Leaking air Ducts 

If you have disconnections, holes, or leaks in your air ducts, then all the hot air will escape before making it through your furnace vents.

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