Why New Homeowners Should Schedule AC Service

Why New Homeowners Should Schedule AC Service

When you buy a new home, the number of tasks you have to complete to set up your house is immense. It might get overwhelming with all these works during which you might forget about your air conditioner service. But a proper Air Conditioner Servicing in Woods Cross, UT is a must for your comfort.

Here are a few reasons why it should be on your top priority list – 

  • Ignorance during the home inspection

During a home inspection, your heating and cooling systems are inspected visually. The home inspector will also evaluate the age of your system. But being a new homeowner, you should know that an Air Conditioner Servicing in Woods Cross, UT cannot be substituted with a home inspection. The mechanical parts in your air conditioner require more than inspections. The routine check-ups and services you invest in for your air conditioner will ensure system longevity.

  • Preventative maintenance

You invest a lot in your air conditioner while purchasing. Ignoring its maintenance will end up with you waiting on your investment and spending extras on repairs. The lifetime of your system will be reduced, with these frequent repairs and excessive strain on the device. You will find yourself with increased electricity bills due to poor air conditioner performance.

Frequency of your service bookings

It is usually preferred to get your system services twice every year. Your air conditioner should be serviced in the spring season to ensure its efficiency for summer. You may not remember about these regular visits due to other works. So it is favored to set a notification or pre-schedule these services beforehand to ease up your work. 

Air conditioning services

Now that you know why Air Conditioner Servicing in Woods Cross, UT should be a priority, let us tell you what is done during these professional services. 

While regular maintenance, all the air conditioner’s components are thoroughly inspected for defects and malfunctions, the condenser coils are cleaned to ensure efficiency. The refrigerant level may go up and down, which causes improper cooling during the service check-ups; these levels are regulated. The blower motor is inspected, and the system is checked for leaks. Most importantly, the thermostat is checked to maintain the air conditioner work at optimal condition.

During the check-up, major adjustments and minor repairs are made by the experts to enhance efficiency. For problems that cannot be rectified with just maintenance services, repairs are suggested to get your air conditioner to work in prime condition for summer climates. 

To book a professional maintenance service for your air conditioner to prevent any damages that may occur in the future, visit our website https://www.blrheatingandairut.com/ or call us at 559-688-6675.