How to Prep for a New Furnace Installation

How to Prep for a New Furnace Installation

The furnace system is unquestionably the most important electrical appliance in freezing temperatures. A furnace system does not only heat the entire home but also protects your home from damage. If you are considering Furnace installation at Woods Cross UTthere are many factors you must keep in mind before the installation process. 

Find out the appropriate furnace size required for your home to deliver efficient heating throughout the entire house, the capacity, the type of the furnace unit, and so on. It is advised to call an expert for furnace installation at Woods Cross UT as they will be aware of all the technicalities of the process.

How to prepare your home for furnace installation?


A properly functioning furnace unit is essential to make sure you spend your holidays with your family peacefully without facing the nightmare of a broken furnace unit. However, before installing a new furnace system, a few things must be kept in mind. Such as:

  • Consider Replacing your Thermostat

If you are installing a new furnace unit, consider installing a new thermostat device along with it. This will ensure that the temperature is set correctly. Install a thermostat device that can support all the features of your new system, giving you total control over the unit. A smart thermostat is a lifesaver and will help your furnace system reach the required temperature. 

  • Inspect the Ductwork

The ductwork is responsible for transferring the heat energy to every corner of your home. Over time your ductwork can be prone to tiny holes that cause leakages. In addition, due to the overutilization of your old system, mold, bacteria, and other particles can grow on the inside of your unit. Therefore, it is advised to call a professional to inspect the ductwork before installation. 

  • Understand the Furnace System Requirements

It is essential to understand the type of unit required for your home. If you do not invest in the appropriate unit, you can face a lot of issues. For instance, if you install a system that is smaller than the required size. The system would require lots of energy and will have to run continuously to reach the desired temperature. This results in spiked electricity bills and frequent repairs. In contrast, if you purchase a larger unit than what is required, your furnace unit will face short cycles and cannot efficiently absorb all the moisture from the air causing more humidity and poor air quality. Therefore it is essential to assess all these factors beforehand. 

  • Be Ready

Make sure that the place where the outdoor and indoor units will be installed is clean. This will prevent any impurities from entering the unit. Clear off the bushes, dust the leaves and perform a deep cleaning indoors before installing the system. It is also advised to keep your pets and children away for the day when the installation process happens for safety purposes. 

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