Furnace Installation Woods Cross UT

Furnace Installation Woods Cross UT

The sole purpose of a furnace system is to protect you and your loved ones from the icy temperatures. Furnace systems provide sufficient warmth to keep you going throughout the winter season. Without proper maintenance, your furnace system may tend to break down. If your furnace system needs frequent repairs, is not operating up to the mark, or is fluctuating, make sure you get it repaired in due time to avoid significant issues or a complete breakdown.

If you are struggling to find a furnace installation near me, B.L.R. Heating & Air is your answer. Our experts are the best in the industry; we perform a quick analysis of your home and install the best furnace system suitable to keep your place nice and cosy throughout the harsh winters.  

Steps involved in the furnace installation process:

Step 1: Choose the appropriate furnace for installation.

Choose a suitable furnace system for your home. After choosing, select the suitable place to install the system inside your home, such that there is proper ventilation and clearance.  

Step 2: Decide where your duct and drain will be.

The return air duct on your furnace system must be located either at the sides or the bottom of your furnace system. Decide a suitable place and cut a hole. Most units come with a premarked design. After this step, you will need to decide where your condensate drain will run. Mount the furnace at a slight slope towards the condensate drain exit. 

Step 3: Connect the furnace to the ducting system.

After adequately mounting your furnace, connect it to your home’s ducting system. Make sure you seal every connection with a metal foil wrap. Do not use duct tape for this step; this will not last.

Step 4: Connect the vent pipes.

The next step involves connecting your furnace intake and exhaustion pipes. 

Step 5: Connect the gas supply.

Connect your gas supply and check for gas leakages. Make sure there is room for shutdown and ventilation. 

Step 6: Connect the electrical supply.

There are generally two connections for furnaces, the low line voltage. Before this step, make sure you go through your furnace’s manual and verify your wiring. 

Step 7: Connect the condensate drain.

In this step, you have to connect your drain pipe to your basement flooring. 

Step 8: Check your work.

The final step is making sure you have carried out the installation process adequately. Ensure your furnace’s heating cycle is running correctly and double-check for any gas leakages and ensure your condensate drain works correctly.

Why choose us?

  • Pocket-friendly

We understand that a furnace installation may be a little heavy on your pockets, especially at the end of the year. For this reason, we have priced our services reasonably to keep your customers happy and maintain our relationship. 

  • Experienced Technicians

We are proud to welcome the best experienced and highly trained technicians on board. Our technicians have gone through rigorous training programs to fix your problems in no time. 

  • Trust

We believe in maintaining a friendly bond with our customers. With our technicians and high-quality equipment, we’re able to provide long-lasting service.

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